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The customer service at Universal Marine and RV in Rochester MN was excellent. I was looking for so many options and found my camper with the most options and accessories that I was looking for. They were patient with me as I went through many campers and found one with most of amenities I was looking for, They have good inventory and good prices. Very good experience. Good location and they deliver to your destination - Anonymous from Blooming Prairie, MN
Their products are good. - George from Dodge Center, MN
I am a Soldier in Afghanistan, I was trying to purchase a travel trailer prior to my return to the United States, other dealers did not want to deal with me as I was not there in person. Universal Marine & RV stepped up and took great care of me, making sure all of my questions and issues were attended to. Great service with unmatched integrity. - Shannon from Camp Douglas, WI
Here's my situation. I was having major issues with a new boat, which I purchased in July of 2013 at a different dealership. Universal Marine and RV just happened to be the dealership that performed warranty work on my boat. Since I purchased this boat, I continued to have major issues with it, and finally Universal's general sales manager, got involved on my behalf and was able to resolve these issues with the manufacturer. Had he not stepped in and been such a fantastic advocate, I know I would have continued to have issues with this boat in the future as well. Universal had nothing to gain by helping me out, they weren't going to make any money, I didn't even buy the boat from them, but they stood up and fought for what they believed was right. Never have I experienced any dealership standing up for a customer, the way Scott and the service department staff did for me. They could have told me to go back to the dealership where I bought it and let them handle it, but they didn't. In the end, they gained a lifelong customer, who is forever grateful for the way they put this customer first. Integrity and honesty, that's how they do things. - Doug from Rochester, MN
We just purchased our second camper from them and the service we have received from the entire staff was fantastic. We definitely will refer people to Universal! - David and Samantha from Rochester, MN
My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Universal. Our salesperson was very open and honest about the options in our price range. The first time we drove down he spent the entire day with us and really made us feel like we were the only important people he needed to deal with at that time. We initially had some misgivings about the general manager because of some comments he made but our salesperson made up for that ten times over. We would like to thank everyone who helped us find our new motorhome and who helped us make it possible! We will certainly be back in the future and would definitely recommend Universal to future buyers. - Andy and Angie from St. Paul, MN
Just thought I should write a few comments here ,our overall experience with universal marine and rv has been just wonderful!! Thanks go out to our salesman for getting us into this excellent destination trailer made by wildwood it fit perfect on are site at the campground ,the delivery driver that brought the camper down to are site was excellent just about beat us to the campground was impressed by his timing! Once again a big thank you goes out to all involved in our deal we were impressed at how fast this all got done,the camper is top notch! - Scott from Albert lea, MN
Universal Marine and RV is the perfect example of what a company should be. Amazingly fast and friendly service. They DO NOT hide ANYTHING! If something is broken or leaking they make sure you know about and fix it or they won't sell it to you at all. They show you the campers only in your price range and nothing is ever hidden in the cost. The price shown is the price you pay and we looked at A LOT of campers. They always had the lowest price compared to the other dealers we looked at. We bought two campers from here and both experiences were fantastic. We financed through them both times and there rates and extra ride insurance was great!!! Highly recommended from us. Mario our salesman was great! Not pushy and went with what we wanted every time. These people here are always professional yet we have made some friends on top of that! Thank you Universal Marine and RV for yet again another fantastic purchase! - Sara and Brady from Wells, MN
This is my second purchase from Universal. My first experience was not good. Thanks to Herb I came back to give them a second chance, and boy am I glad I did. This is not the 2005 Universal that I dealt with on my first purchase. So far I have nothing but great things to say about Universal. The sales team was great, all the staff have been unbelievable. I feel very welcome and that they truly care about my camping experience. I would highly recommend them and if you have had a bad experience with them in the past I would suggest giving them a second try. Thanks Herb, Dave & Jake :) Bradley - Bradley from Rochester, MN
We had been looking for a camper for some time when we came across the final one at Universal Marine and RV. Mario and the rest of the sales staff were fantastic to work with, they were helpful, knowledgeable and took the time to show the entire camper inside and out prior to us leaving with it. The price was right, the sales staff was great, even Mario's manager chipped in and helped us learn everything we needed to know about the camper. Universal Marine and RV went above expectations and we got a great deal and a lasting relationship. Thanks everyone at Universal! - Anonymous from Harrisburg, SD
We enjoyed are time at your place. Jonesy was one of greats persons ever met. We were so glad we made the trip down. We will tell everyone we how great it was. Thank you - Donald & Renae from Dassel, MN
The younger, more attractive Herb was our salesman and he was amazing! I am very leery of salesmen in general, but I actually trusted Herb and will definitely recommend Universal to all my family and friends. Thanks so much to Herb and the rest of the Uiversal crew, my family and I are very happy Campers! - Michelle from Sumner, IA
We have been casually looking for our first camper for quite awhile. We searched the Internet for campers we liked, didn't matter who the dealer was as we had no preference. We talked with a lot of dealers who were very pleasant but if we couldn't agree on a deal, we usually never heard from them again. Because we were in no hurry, this was fine. Well after many months of this, we were getting a bit discouraged and had just about decided to give up for this year. My husband came home from work one night and I said to him that I was done and didn't want to think about it anymore. The very next day I got a call from Scott at Universal saying he wanted to talk to me again about a camper we had looked at. Oh my gosh, what a great conversation! He, along with our salesman, Jose, (or Joe) :) worked so hard to make a deal with us and it worked! It meant so much to us that they cared enough to not give up on us! We pick up our travel trailer in a week and a half and we can't wait! Not only to take our trailer home but to personally thank them for their help! If you are looking for a place to go to buy a new RV, or anything else they sell, start at Universal! I doubt that you will need to go anywhere else! Awesome people and customer service! - Kevin & Penny from Waverly, IA
We were looking for our next step up in a Class A Motorhome and were prepared to do so anywhere in the country, Universal had the one we were looking for and at a price we felt was very competitive, but ultimately it came down to how we would be treated and would they in fact stand behind what they sell. In retrospect Herb in sales, Dave and Jake all were open, honest and have delivered on their promises. Everyone we came in contact with treated us extremely well and did so as if we were family.After the sale is where the pavement meets the road, and where word of mouth can be potion or poison. My experiances have been rock solid. - Mark and Kathy from Rochester, MN
We would like to thank Scott, Dave and the rest of their team at Universal RV and Marine. We brought our camper to them and asked them to check out an issue that we had. Scott went over and above our expectations and fixed our issue and for that we are deeply grateful. We would highly recommend Universal RV and Marine to all of our friends and family. Universal RV and Marine will be our first and last stop for all of our service and when we purchase our next camper. We truly cannot say enough about the customer service, dedication, loyalty and friendliness of this business. If you are looking for a camper, take our advice and stop by and experience this for yourself. They are truly amazing! We are once again "Happy Campers." - Paul and Linda from Hastings, MN
Thank you to Universal Marine & RV for making our Travel Trailer purchase such a good experience! Before coming to Universal, we expected the worst, and hoped for the best - you know, car "salesman horror stories"... But Herb Noetzel made us feel very comfortable minute one and made sure that we knew all of the information that we needed to consider, showed us models within our price range and never pressured us. For such a big decision, Universal made us feel confident and happy in our choice. I think we'll be back in 10 years to trade-up ;) - Tim & Kristin from Prior Lake, MN
My husband and I purchased our Maxim 3000SCR in May of 2012. We live in NC and purchased the boat, sight unseen, just photos, from Dave. We are so pleased with our boat and service we received from Dave. He was both professional and personable and we've never met him! The boat is great and we are now looking forward to an entire summer of family fun on the water. Thanks so much for everything! Keith and Paula - Paula from Jamestown, NC
if you are looking for a new or used camper and dont want the "dealership runaround" and games. BUY HERE! they have the best prices i could find in a 2 state search. This was the only trading experience on campers that i feel i got the most for my money and we trade alot. i would highly reccomend UM&RV to anyone. no haggle just low prices - Anonymous from hampton, IA
My only question is why we didn't buy a RV from Universal sooner. Camper shopping in January can be a chilling experience; but not at Universal. Universal was the first dealer that took the time to bring the units we were looking at indoors to allow us the opportunity to directly compare units side by side in a heated environment. Michael, in sales, is one of the best individuals we have worked with to date. We’ve purchased campers from other local dealerships and this is the first dealership we are recommending to others. We could not be happier with our experience and look forward to future purchases. - Chad from Rochester, MN
If you are thinking of going to a RV wholesaler because you believe you are getting a good deal, all I can say is this. I was one of you. This is what I found. I hope it helps you make the correct decision. We ordered the unit we wanted with the options we wanted. We really didn’t want to take one off the lot. We know they get dealer rejects and factory seconds. It was to be built and delivered directly from the factory to the wholesaler. I thought, that should take care of the thought of us getting seconds from other dealers. Wow, I saved about 8K over the local dealers or so I thought. Ok, I knew right at the start You can take about 1K off that for travel, and fuel. Oh, by the way, there are other charges not accounted for in that amount. Taxes, plates, and registration. For example, on a 45K unit that is about 3.5K less. So from the 1st 8K I thought I saved, it ended up being less than half of that. We had schedule our pickup 1st thing on Saturday morning so we would have time to do a good PDI and still get out early enough to head home. That was our 1st mistake. Our 8AM appointment did not start until 9AM. They took us to the unit and wanted to be done quickly. We kept asking questions but the tech, and I use this term loosely, doing the PDI really could not answer many of the questions. My wife, the smart one of the two of us, was getting concerned about that lack of help and knowledge we were receiving, but the tech just kept saying I am new, but I will find out for you. Just so you know, that never happened. We signed off, even though we had concerns, mostly due to me believing there isn't much I cannot handle or fix. 1st thing. Don't shorten you PDI and look at as much detail as you can. It is the little things that will get you. Now it was time to connect to the truck. The 5th wheel hitch was too high and the pin box was too low and it was making the trailer tail off way to close in the back. We have a Curt 5th wheel and they install 5th wheel hitches so that should be an easy change right?. Wrong. They looked for about 10 minutes and walked away saying, not much we can do. We were lucky. One young tech brought out his own tools and we managed to get the 5th wheel hitch adjusted. Now we have not even left the lot and lost what ended up being 2 hours because of the not much we can do. 2nd thing. Make sure your dealer can handle all aspects of setup and maintenance. It really is a point of safety and security for you and your family that your unit is setup correctly. Mine was not! 3rd thing. Connect and reconnect several times. That will help you feel more comfortable with the unit and will identify any small issues. That was what we found on the next morning. We found a burnt out fuse and the hydraulic landing gear did not go up. As I said earlier I am pretty good at finding and fixing things so I fixed that one. Well we finally made it home and parked the unit. It was a week later and we were getting set up to go on our first real camping trip and found a few little things. A broken door, missing pieces from the door and missing components for the showers and bathroom. I contacted the dealer and sent pictures and filled out the paper work. We heard nothing 1 week, 2 weeks. Called them and they said they did not receive anything so we sent everything again. Again 1 week, 2 weeks and called back. They wanted me to drive the unit back 600 miles to replace the door and put in the missing parts. I asked if they could send the parts to me and guess what? I'm still waiting. I was able to fix the door (glue and clamps work well). Over the year we found several other small issues and again I was also able to fix those (most of them) until we ran into the one issue I knew was beyond my skills. I contacted the dealer again and they sent me a list of dealers that were part of their so called Network. That was the straw that broke the camels’ back!!!! I called every dealer on the list and most did not handle the Wildcat and all would not do warranty work for the wholesalers out there. 4th thing. Make sure your dealer can support what they say they will support. That 1st year is critical!!!! It is where the majority of issues are found. Finally I started asking my local dealers and was turned down by 2 and finally asked Universal Marine and RV, and they said that they can and would help. Thank you Universal so very much for that. Universal not only fixed the warranty issue but found another issue and help me with the insurance to cover that issue also. So in the end was it worth it to go to a wholesaler? 1. The amount you pay is not the end. Expect much more 2. Be prepared to be pushed though 3. Your wholesaler is not the experts they say they are. 4. Service is not a priority for the wholesaler In the end, no. It was not worth the money I thought I saved, and it will not happen again. Again, thanks to Universal for all of their help and it is that kind of service you will lose from the wholesaler. I plan on giving Universal Marine and RV my support from now on. - Jim from MN
WOW!! That word explains it all. I have never went into a business and got treated with as much respect as you would at Universal. I love going camping so if you are like me go to Universal Marine & RV and get a camper. - Anonymous from Lake Mills, IA
We purchased a new Sandpiper 5th Wheel in 2012 and had it delivered in April. It has been a great camper for us our children and grandchildren. The staff at Universal has been exceptional at giving us any help we need and answering any questions. 3 weeks after we had it at the campground we had a hail storm, Universal came out and checked out our camper and submitted everything to our insurance company. We were able to us it for the season and have it in for repairs this winter. We are glad we choose Universal - Lonny and Cara from Byron, MN
We recently bought a used RV at Universal and were very pleased with the experience. The people we dealt with the most were very helpful and went out of their way to "go the extra mile", right down to Herb Jensen coming in on a Saturday to walk through every detail of our motorhome. Thank you for making our first RV purchase a great experience. - Anonymous from Edina, MN
We decided to trade our motorhome in for a 5th wheel and park it at Lakeview Resort, Waterville, MN. Great decision----so far we are loving it. Great people, fun times and are enjoying our Sandpiper 5th wheel. Thanks to you all at Universal---you guys are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Fred & Marilyn from Rochester, MN
Anyone who doesn't stop to see Mike Jones at Universal Marine is making a mistake. He was very helpful throughout our first travel trailer buying experience. He listened to our needs and was very accomadating to what we were looking for in our first purchase of a travel trailer and didn't look to put us in more camper than we needed or could afford Thanks Jonesy!!!! - Andrew from Oronoco, MN
Overall experience at Universal was excellent. Sales, Finance and Service staff took the time needed to make me feel comfortable with my new Tracker boat. I would definately recommend Universal to anyone. - Anonymous from Farmington , MN
Everyone at Universal was great ! Duane went out of his way to make sure everything was perfect. we love the pontoon and look forward to many years of fishing and fun!!! - Brian & Connie from Richfield, MN
Scott, The dining at Micheals was SUPERB!!! To the rest of the Team we say Mercie, Muchas Gracias, Vielen Danke, and Many thanks!!! We'll have alot of fun with our Winnebago. Universal Marine and Rv is a Very big credit to Minnesota and especially Rochester!!! - Gerry and Ellie from Montague, MI
Thanks to Universal for making the whole transaction a positive experience, with special thanks to Hutch and Jake. We were rookies at camping, and you handled all of our questions and apprehensions in a positive and professional manner. You helped convert the "hotel only camper" into someone who looks forward to it all the time. After the purchase, friends of ours asked where we purchased the Wildwood. When I said Universal, he smiled and said he would recommend Universal to everyone. A couple of years before, after his dad had passed away, the family contacted Universal about the camper that his dad had recently purchased there. Universal brought the unit in under consignment and sold it for the family. The family was extremely impressed as to how they were treated during this trying time and they continue to recommend Universal to all - Tom & Gail from Bloomington, MN
The people from Universal Marine and Rv are great to work with. Even after we purchased our used fifth wheel, they have gone out of their way to see that we are satisfied. It was the same way when we purchased our boat in 1999. If you are looking for a Boat or Rv... We recommend you see the good peopoe at Universal, they will treat you right!!! - Gary and Marilyn from Rochester, MN
Thank you, thank you, thank you! After casually looking at campers for a while, we stopped at Universal to see a Wildwood that we had found online. We decided we wanted the Wildwood but were leaving for vacation the very next day. The crew at Universal was amazing and had our camper ready for us within 24 hours. AMAZING! We love our new camper and know we will be back at Universal when we are ready to upgrade in a few years. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE AMAZING EXPERIENCE! - Nate and Char from Stewartville, MN
Universal had the vehicle we were looking for, but we live over 4 hours away. Working with the sales staff, we took care of everything long distance. I was nervous, to say the least, about buying a car sight unseen. However, the staff couldn't have described it any better. It was EXACTLY as advertised, maybe even a little nicer! Great Job! - Anonymous from Knoxville, IA
My wife found the boat and by the time I jumped into the deal I felt like I was dealing with family. Darin, Dave, Blake, and Jake are so easy to deal with it seemed to good to be true. They play a straight game and that is so rare these days. We live 1600 miles away and bought this boat without the benefit of physically being there. The deal went smooth; the boat was everything that they said it was; and they went out of their way to make this used boat as new as possible and also added some TLC along the way. I will do business with them in the future and I will recommend them to my friends or anyone else looking for an RV or Baot - Allan & Lana from Yakima, WA
We bought our new V Cross this past season from Jason. We also worked with Dave and Jake on the deal. First we would like to say it was very pleaseant from the beginning. The trade was fair, the deal was good and the people were excellent. We had some things we worked with the service department on as well and again excellent service department. The work was done well and well before the promised time.We had looked at a number of other dealerships and in our opion no other dealer were as willing to work with us and provide us the service the team at Universal did. We have already recommended them to our folks and will contiue to do so. Thank you Universal for a job well done. - Randy & Cristy from Apple Valley, MN
We bought a used camper through Universal Marine and RV 3 years ago. We traded in an old pull behind camper. The crew at Universal gave us a fair trade-in price and the transaction went very smoothly. We went to the Home and Vacation show this spring, with no intention of purchasing a new camper, but after touring all the campers at the show we fell in love with the V-Cross on display with Universal Marine and RV. Dave was right there to walk us through all the great features that the V-Cross has. Dave could tell that we really liked the camper, so he started working on a trade in offer that we couldn't resist. One week later, we brought up our camper and pulled our new V-Cross camper home. The transaction went very smooth. We have needed various little things fixed with purchasing a new unit and the parts department has been very accommodating on getting us in and getting what we needed by the time we needed it. We have had a lot of people tour through our camper at various campgrounds this summer, and we always tell them we got it at Universal Marine & RV through Dave Marquez and to give them a call! - Allen & Michelle from LeRoy, MN
After looking for a different motorhome with a slide or two, we decided on our 35 ft Georgia Boy. We have had great dealings with the boys at Universal; they are a great team. Dave was our sales person and he along with the rest of the guys were great. And if you ever have a problem, they are just a phone call away. In our opinion, they really 'make you feel like you are the only customer'. - Fred & Marilyn from Rochester, MN
We were in a unique situation, we had recently moved from Ohio to Minnesota and had a travel trailer that we wanted to trade in on a boat. Because of that our choices of dealers was limited. After researching dealers, and seeing their inventories we decided to work with David on a trade. The entire experience, from beginning to end, with Jake in finance was one of the best I've ever had in purchasing anything. The entire staff, including Steve in parts, was dedicated to customer service. Universal has a customer for life as far as I'm concerned. They all went out of their way to make this the best experience for me and my entire long as David doesn't make the baloons as big next time. :) - Chad from Carver, MN
When we bought our trailer, we dealt with Dave Marquez, who is a very professional salesperson! The sales experience was relaxed and low pressure. Dave has excellent customer service skills so it was a great experience for us...and whenever we talk to someone who wants to buy a trailer, we recommend Dave and Universal Marine and RV! - Kent & Sue from Rochester, MN